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 Donating Info!

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Donating Info! Empty
PostSubject: Donating Info!   Donating Info! EmptyMon Jun 20, 2011 5:55 pm

Donating to the forums is not only showing respect and care for the forums it's showing you will be a long time member. When donating to the forums we think you should reward you for your good deed. So here are the rewards and prices.

When donating only donate to! by PayPal


A VIP rank.
Much more respect from other members.
Ability to change your username one time.
more things i can't remember atm.

VIP - 3.50 USD a Month
VIP - 5.50 USD for 2 months
VIP - 54.00 USD for 12 months
VIP - 60.00 USD VIP for ever!! Wink
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Donating Info!
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